8 week Chakra challenge!

Over the next 8 weeks, I plan to take a very important journey in my life. I’m going to spend my weeks normally, but all while trying to align my chakras, learning about what’s inside me and attempting to fix bits about myself that I have been trying to fix for years. I don’t always announce everything, but I have been struggling and have always struggled with a lot of different issues (Physical, mental, financial, etc) for way too long. Most all my issues coincide with the 7 Chakras. I will also be on a small weight loss journey. Feel free to follow along with my blogs, instagrams, etc. I will post a link for all in another post!

The goal(s) of this challenge aren’t too much. It’s just to learn something, to grow somehow, and to conquer something… to realize potentials and discover what I want in my life right now. I would love to see results regarding the main issues in my life. (PCOS/fertility disease, Syncope/POTS, my relationship, my depression, and my financial issues). I want to be a calmer and more reliable person and my hopes are just that.

I don’t think I’m going to have very specific rules, just a rough guideline to try to follow.

The challenge will run from May 31- July 25 and hopefully I will continue my practices well long after.

Each week will be devoted to a different Chakra. They won’ t be in 1-7 order.

I’ll be incorporating color, flowers, oils, crystals, and foods. I’ll also be doing yoga and meditation videos and A LOT of walking.

Letting go of the past and moving forward is going to be a huge focus.

I will be taking a break from most social media platforms. (I will still be using Pinterest, but most of my other social media, I will only be using for my chakra challenge, weight loss journey, and other blogs I have going).

Less facebook/twitter, etc. unless it’s for this.

I will blog as often as possible about what works, what doesn’t, results, feelings, and what I’m doing in general.

You can follow along if you like, maybe even take on a Chakra challenge yourself.

My weeks will be devoted as follows:

May 31-June 6th- Solar (yellow)

June 7-13- Root (red)

June 14-20- 3rd eye (indigo)

June 21-July 4- sacral (orange)

July 5-11- crown (violet)

July 12-18- heart (green)

July 19-25 – throat (blue)

Happy Chakra-ing!